Climate change.

We need climate change! We need a climate of awareness, of facing our ecological challenges. We need a climate of relations and reconciliation, reconciliation with other people, in our neighbourhood as well as in foreign and poor countries. Our culture needs reconciliation with children and grandchildren, who will live when we are already gone. “Climate change in global relations” will give us and them a future.

» A Language of Healing «

COP 26 – the Climate Conference of Parties – took place in Glasgow in November 2021. »Climate change is a global challenge«, could be heared everywhere. It is a global challenge – THE global challenge of our days – but in two ways. We need to decrease CO2- and other greenhous gas emissions dramatically to face meteorological climate change. On the other hand we have to increase psychological and ethical climate change – immediately!

The interfaith project “sustainable preaching” tries to help.

» COP 26 – Our invitation page from 2021 «

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