Bishop P. Huggins

Bishop Philip Huggins, President of the National Council of Churches in Australia, and Director for Ecumenical Studies at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture. I have been an Anglican Bishop since 1995. I come from a farming background. Some of my cousins farm where our great grandparents began in the 1870s. I have grandchildren now and pray God’s creation is sustained well for all God’s children.

I was asked to a retreat on spiritual leadership in difficult times. A young German researcher, much involved in UN climate change negotiations suggested we put on a retreat at the UNCOP25 in Santiago, Chile. Why? To care for those who know what is happening to the planet and what scale of agreement is really needed to prevent disastrous climate change.

This retreat is today, Sunday 8 December. Details are attached of the first invitation.

Because of the conflict and sadness in Chile, the UNFCCC COP25 was moved to Madrid, Spain. Whilst the location is different, the need is the same. At this time of writing, we are still reshaping what we will offer as pastoral care for those negotiating these crucial global agreements aimed to prevent catastrophic climate change.