Dr Martin Hodson

Dr Martin J Hodson

Dr Martin J Hodson is Operations Director for the John Ray Initiative. He is a plant scientist and environmental biologist, and a former Principal Lecturer, and now Visiting Researcher at Oxford Brookes University. He is also Associate Member of the Institute of Human Sciences at the University of Oxford. Martin is Principal Tutor of Christian Rural and Environmental Studies (CRES). The tour scientist for the Hope for Planet Earth tours, he writes and speaks widely on environmental issues. Martin has over 100 publications, mostly in international science journals. His books are Cherishing the Earth (with Margot Hodson, 2008), Functional Biology of Plants (with John Bryant, 2012), The Ethics of Climatic Scepticism (with Margot Hodson, 2015), A Christian Guide to Environmental Issues (with Margot Hodson, 2015, 2nd ed. 2021), An Introduction to Environmental Ethics (with Margot Hodson, 2017), COVID-19: Environment, Justice and the Future (with Ruth Valerio, Margot Hodson & Timothy Howles), and Green Reflections: Biblical inspiration for sustainable living (with Margot Hodson, 2021).