Sunshine C. Dulnuan

I am Sunshine C. Dulnuan, a graduating seminarian of St. Andrew’s Theological Seminary in the Philippines. Growing up in Baguio, famously known as the summer capital of the Philippines because of its cool climate and pine-covered mountains, I was raised by a forester and a mother who loves to plant. So naturally, caring for the environment has been inculcated into my mind since childhood. In fact, my very name is an inspiration from John Denver’s song entitled “Sunshine on my shoulders” which my dad loves to sing while hiking. Thus, what motivates me most to care for the environment is the idea of legacy and life. I believe being a good steward of God’s creation is unquestionably a gift to every generation for in doing so, we also impart life.

The Philippines is a country located in the “ring of fire”, surrounded by large bodies of water, and has been battered by devastating typhoons in recent years. In 2013, Typhoon Haiyan or “Yolanda” killed thousands of people and destroyed trillions worth of properties and damages particularly in the Visayas region. The country faces a number of environmental issues including illegal mining, pollution, deforestation, wildlife extinction, and blatant effects of global warming and climate change. Currently, Manila our capital city is experiencing a water shortage problem which mirrors the country’s enduring water and sanitation crisis. (Photo by Darren Langit/Rappler)